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Nina Nesbitt supporting Macmillan’s ‘Shave or Style’ campaign

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T in the Park

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Nina Nesbitt. — Main Square 2014

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"When I stopped trying to fit in and rely on other people to make me happy, I became much happier in myself and have had the same group of friends since. I really believe that we’ll always be friends no matter what."

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Thank you @AmericanApparelUK for my new hat 😇🍰🌟

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Nina is about my ex-girlfriend, we dated for a year. It was written on tour with Snow Patrol in another hotel room. It was based on a sample from a Wretch 32 song called Welcome To My World from his third mixtape, Retrospective. I sampled the piano and made a song out of it. When you’re a musician and you date someone, there’s always an in-between. Like, you put your family and your friends first, always, and then your career second. But when you date someone, they kind of fall in between the family and friends and career, and you don’t really know whether they’re more important than the career or whether they’re more important than family - so this is a song about that. (x)

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and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while

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